Qualities of good first pencils for children

Out of all the things that play a major role in the development of a kid’s character and personality, the most important thing is the set of first pencils that he gets. It is because if the kid loves first kids pencils, he will be attracted to using more in the future.

However, if the first experience of the kid is not good, then you will have to work a lot to divert the attention of your kid towards learning and handwriting practice book. So, when you are selecting the first pencils for your kids, you must make sure that all of the mentioned qualities are there in those pencils.

The qualities that must be in the first pencil of a child.

The following are the qualities that must be there in the first set of pencils that you will get for your child.

The pencil lead must be strong and long-lasting.

The shade of the lead must be strong enough to stay on the page for a long time however it must not be very hard to erase. Additionally, the lead must be strong so that it will not break while the kid sharpens or uses the pencil. It is because if any of these are not the qualities of the pencils, the kid will get fed up with the activity.

The pencils must be non-toxic.

Kids love to put things in their mouths. So, the first set of pencils that you get for them must be non-toxic.

The pencil should be easy to use.

The kids pencils should be easy to handle with its comfortable grip and it must not be overweight as well. All of these things will help the kids in using these pencils as long as they want without getting their hands hurt.


As pencils, especially the first pencils are very important in the life of every kid. Here we mentioned some qualities that must be there is every first pencil and handwriting practice book that you get for your kid to enhance their experience and interest.