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Thesis conclusion is the last chapter given in theses. Similar to introduction chapter, this chapter is of great importance. Sometimes, it is easy to start and proceed thesis writing; however, it becomes difficult to conclude thesis combined with thesis summary, thesis results and thesis implication. Thesis help is concerned with guiding students how to spell out thesis findings in the most succinct manner. One must remember that conclusion is important for custom thesis because it is about final examination of the whole study. However, for having success in career, one must have command over writing each section of thesis.

Points to Consider When Writing Your Thesis Conclusion Chapter

Students or individuals, who have never written conclusion or do not have enough skills to write succinct thesis conclusion, always find conclusion as source of anxiety. However, thesis conclusion functions major role in displaying your writing expertise as well as understanding about the study. Basic function of thesis conclusion is to summarize and provide overview of thesis, yet it is not as simple as it seems and sounds. What is “must”, “ideal” and “things to avoid” for writing effective conclusion presented below to bear in mind:

  • There must be clear as well as concise text for real contribution to literature
  • It is ideal to show connection and relationship between different chief ideas
  • One must reflect zeal and pledge for conducting research
  • Avoid making any claim, which has not been studied
  • Do not introduce or discuss new information apart from what is discussed
  • It is good to highlight the weaknesses and limitation of the study in conclusion
  • Do not make practical recommendations in thesis conclusion
  • Avoid repeating facts and finding of thesis study

Manage and Organize Structure of Thesis Conclusion

  • A good thesis conclusion should be properly structured
  • It should provide with convincing sequences of thesis project
  • There ought to be sound structure such as beginning, middle and end
  • It should have introduction, findings of study, and conclusion
  • Introduction should have sound beginning of chapter to draw reader attention
  • Restate the research question in the introduction
  • Reestablish background of research with literature
  • In the middle part, there ought to be discussion about implication of study
  • Also, present your empirical findings of thesis
  • Conclusion should end with restating the statement made in introduction
  • It’d better to restate the research question

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