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Thesis is the written paper, which is submitted to universities or professional colleges, in order to acquire qualified academic degree. Thesis discussion is that mind opening and cognition awakening process, which demands a thorough concentration to the developed idea. Therefore, the part of the discussion within the thesis is considered as one of the tricky parts, because the writer has to develop such a broad evaluation towards the designed hypothesis, which could be able to reflect the writers' own perceptual, developmental and diagnosis capabilities. By initiating the thesis discussion, a writer is supposed to focus on understanding the each element, highlighted or touched throughout the thesis.

Thesis Discussion Writing Process

Discussion within a thesis is combined with the results to develop strong and comprehensive section, which may provide overall thesis with an influential boulevard of exact meanings. Chapter within a thesis has to begin with a to-the-point interpretation of the purpose of the study by taking the required background information along. If the results are presented in the previous section separately, the writer must need to revise them in the section of discussion, in order to provide the results with a meaningful evaluation. In order to understand the main requirements of the study, some of the areas are emphasized to be veiled within the discussion chapter.

  • Main findings should be stated effectively by utilizing one or two sentences
  • In discussion, methods are utilized along with locating the deficient areas in the study
  • A necessary part of the study is to locate the weaknesses of the study along with demonstrating a commentary, in which interpretation to the results should be found significantly
  • Present significance of results and conclusion in the study along with casting at least two recommendations for the future study

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