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Thesis result is one of the chapters of thesis, which presents results and findings of theses gained by processing or refining data into software or other research tool. Apart from presentation of results and findings, it also contains interpretation of the results. However, thesis writing requires one to have grip on writing tactics. In order to write the interpretation of thesis results, one needs to have help from friends and family is not sufficient to write results for custom thesis.

Compose Your Thesis Result Chapter

Thesis result is an imperative chapter of thesis, which demonstrates the findings and results obtained from the study conducted. This chapter is followed by discussion and analysis therefore; there is great importance of accuracy and correctness of this chapter. Additionally, organization and structuring of thesis result is also of great concern to compose thesis without any thesis writing help. Here is the survival guide for you that ends at leaving you with ability to create your own thesis result chapter.

  • Organize and Structure Your Thesis Results

    • Thesis should be organized and structured into different sections
    • Introduction, results and conclusion or summary should be the order of the chapter
    • Introduction should introduce the chapter with aim of thesis
    • Results should be the main body part of the chapter
    • Conclusion should communicate the summary of the chapter
  • Focus on Attractive Presentation of Results

    • Make main and sub headings for presenting results in the chapter
    • Results should be comprehensive in order and title
    • It should be presented in tabular and graph form rather than descriptive
    • Put caption on each table and graph and give individual tile and number to them
    • Do not use raw data in result chapter, rather give reference of appendix where raw data is placed
  • Write Interpretation

    • Interpretation should be given after each result table and graph
    • It should not exceed the word count determined for the chapter
    • Description and text of interpretation should have references and literature sources to support the interpretation
    • Where necessary, give reference of particular table and graph with the help of number allotted
  • Work on Your Appendix

    • Appendix should be worked on during preparation of results
    • It should have all the raw data used for results
    • Raw data should be presented in tabular or graph form
    • Every table and graph should have caption with number, title and other description

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